Why Union?

Our Quality Assurance

As part of our unwavering dedication to excellence in construction, the Roofing & Waterproofing Contractors Association of New York guarantees well-trained, committed, productive and professional roofers and waterproofing contractors for your next project.  Our skilled workers complete a series of unique, comprehensive training programs and on-site work experience that are vital for safe and effective operations. We understand that long lasting roofs result in lower per year costs to building operations, providing value for years to come.

Our roofing and waterproofing contractors are confident in their work, and we assure quality for every assignment, including:

  • Fully trained professional craft workers
  • Skilled project management
  • Fully insured, licensed and financially stable contractors
  • No shortcuts that could risk safety, system reliability and productivity in your home or workplace

First and foremost, work completed correctly the first time.

The difference between trained union roofers and waterproofers and non-union workers is the security of knowing your work is done well, with the safety and reliability of your service foremost. Choosing to work with our members translates to choosing top professionals in the industry, certified by the Department of Buildings and other regulatory agencies. Our members exhibit the highest quality of integrity and professionalism and stand by their work. We promote a high standard of work and offer guarantees that work is done expertly and efficiently and we have the resources to service your needs during and after roofing and waterproofing installation.